Workout: Tech Tools

It’s time to reveal part two of my TomTom Touch story for all sports enthusiastic people and the ones who really care about their body. Update: So I used the TomTom Touch for 2 weeks daily to test for you guys if it helps you to improve the training and make it more efficient. It is important to me to get access to all relevant body information as fast as possible with little effort due to a busy day’s schedule that most of us experience. TomTom Sports solved this by offering a clear structured app called MySports for the TomTom Touch fitness tracker. An app that clearly displays all information like steps, heart rate, body composition goals and activities.

This easy access to all vital information is a big advantage as to why I use the device. It also motivates me to keep going. To see an improvement from day to day makes you more motivated and consequently adjust your training to get the best out of it. One of the best features to me of TomTom Touch is the body composition function.

This combined with activity tracking is really useful and a great way to measure your progress. Not only this, but the mixture of a modern and minimalist design, the fact that it is easy to use and that it is reliable makes the TomTom Touch the ideal device for nearly everyone who really cares about how to improve body composition to feel better and attain goals even faster.

In collaboration with TomTom Sports