Marvin Sheckler is a 27 year old content creator & consultant based in Frankfurt, Germany. His interest in cars, traveling, fashion and photography was built early in his life due to the influence of his photograph enthusiastic family who lead him through his first years in this subject.

Later he traveled the world for a year to get to know new cultures and people visiting countries such as China, Australia, Island, Italy. Afterwards he started a higher education program at the Stuttgart Media University and University of the Arts London in Online-Media-Management and Media Communications.

After  graduating with a grade average of 1.7 he started to work as a media consultant and Key Account Manager at a digital brand building agency in Frankfurt. Furthermore he advises brands in the areas of content creation and influencer marketing. What drives Marvin is the exchange with brands to participate actively in the process of their online communication strategy. Not just to bring more value to the consumer but to show the uniqueness of a brand in every aspect its DNA.

After many years of experience he developed a unique sense of creating content through his storytelling. Combining softskills with his brand management  and social media marketing skills.

He merges the feeling of desire to see and travel the world, to explore new places and test out new products in a ordinary sense of style. A metropolitan lifestyle especially in terms of menswear fashion combined with his everlasting wanderlust.

Feel free to contact us: mail@whysheckler.com