Why Audiobooks?: Audible Moments

“In Paid Partnership With Audible”

I grew a custom to listen to audiobooks within the last year. It came that day I realized I am too busy to read all the books I want to read. Especially when I’m in bad late at night, not being able to keep my eyes upon anymore, yet not too tired to sleep.

I’m a passionate reader, especially when it comes to classics, such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Orwell or Wilde. So I spent most of my free time with reading novels by these writers, with almost no time left for new creative books and thick classics like Dostojevskis „The Idiot“, which I always wanted to read one day.

Then I got in contact with Audible. A platform that I first heard of, when I browsed on Amazon. My initial thought was „why not test this service?“. It was free for the first 30 days. So I subscribed via Amazon, due to the reason Audible was already part of the Amazon sphere. An extremely convenient process and setup. After the 30 days you can download one audiobook each 30 days for the monthly fee of for 9,95€. I also had a time where I wasn’t able to listen to the audiobooks for some weeks due to a lack of time. I easily cancelled the service for two months and then continued it.

It really enhanced my life! I listen through the Audible App and the audiobooks I download much more then I actually would be able to without it. Wether I am on the train, or short before I go to bed. It is truly relaxing and gives me so much more imput. I’ll definitely will continue with it! The audiobook I recently listen to is another classic novel called „Siddartha“ by Hermann Hesse. Definitely a book everybody should listen too.

The novel tells the story about the young man who leaves the family for a tranquil life. A life without social conventions, to go on his own way. From people like the Samanas who don’t value any material good such as gold, to the business man in town, who just care for what material goods they have. A path that leads Siddhartha to the roots of where we all are from… to find the true peace of mind.