NEW AUDIOBOOKS: Audible Moments

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There is one thing that really relaxes my mind each an every day when I’m stressed out and just need to get my head free. This one thing is to listen to a good story that catches my attention, but not too much. A story that helps me to escape my world for some minutes. That’s the reason why I enjoy audiobooks. Today I’ll briefly introduce you to the last two audiobooks I really enjoyed listening to on Audible.


I always switch between audiobooks in English and German language. I don’t know why, but sometimes I enjoy the German speakers voice more than the English one and sometimes the other way around. I really differs from story to story. This time I chose to listen to a story in German language. It’s title is “Sag den Wölfen, ich bin zu Hause”, which can be translated to  “Tell the wolves I’m home”.

A story full of strokes of fate, yet beautiful moments and words, which got stuck in my head. You can download the audiobook over here to get an idea of what I mean.

The second story I listened to, is “Winter Dreams”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of my all-time favorite writers. Most of you guys probably know him from one of his more popular books, which is “The Great Gatsby”.

Winter dreams is a short story by Fitzgerald about the hope of success, how it varies and changes. Moreover it deals with the fulfillment of ones dreams.

A short story in which you’ll recognize yourself at some point.
Find the full audiobook to download over here