"Chapeau!": A cocktail somehow different

Today I’ll show you guys a very unique recipe for all cocktail enthusiastic people that will make you want to taste it directly. I got my hands on a very special drink created by my fellow German bartender Christoph Henkel, who will compete for our country with this unique cocktail at the BACARDÍ Legacy Global Cocktail Competition. A contest that includes various creations of 38 of the best bartenders in the world and which clash in the fight for the best cocktail creation on the evening of the 23rd of May in Berlin. The winner will be celebrated by the whole bar scene together with DJ and Major Lazer Member Jillionaire.

                          But whats behind it?

“Chapeau!” is a creation by the German, Cologne based bartender Christoph Henkel. The 27 year old sticks out with his passion and empathy regarding his profession. Truly a master of his trade. The drink includes ingredients like Bacardi 8, balsamic vinegar, liquorice powder or redcurrant syrup. A cocktail that definitely has the potential to be the winner of the BACARDÍ Legacy Cocktail Competition finals 2017. I will keep my fingers crossed for Christoph!

So I got my hands on those ingredients and made this cocktail creation on my own. I will show you guys step by step on how to proceed to create your personal very own “Chapeau!” experience.

And that is what you get when you follow the steps! Good hu?

STEP 1:  Fill the glasses with ice

STEP 2:  But 60ml Bacardi 8 in

STEP 3:  Add 10ml balsamic vinegar

STEP 4:  Add 20ml redcurrant syrup

STEP 5:  Add a pinch of salt

STEP 6:  Add a subtle pinch liquorice powder as well as a coarse one.

STEP 7:  Top it off with a liquorice stick and currants or pomegranate.

Ready to serve!

In cooperation with BACARDI