There is always a reason to go outside and enjoy they day even when you are surrounded by typical German fall weather. It’s pouring, our clothes are soaked from the rain and we still revel the moment in a special way.

Thats just something you can do with someone special. This type of friend that never let you down no matter what. Some of us have a dozen friends, others hundreds, but real friends are rare. You can be happy if you have a few in your life. Even more when you share the same interests like fashion and sports or even when they are different but accept that and always be honest. They make crazy bad days turn in to good ones. They make them valuable.

Staying true to yourself is what is most important. People who want to change you will never be your real friends. Like a famous band ones said: „And you always knew you were tired, but then. Where are your friends tonight? If I could see all my friends tonight“. Real friends always have your back in every important situation.

We are who we are. And it’s good how it is!

Nobody’s perfect. But this unperfection makes everyone of us unique.

What I wear || Sweater | Cardigan | Shirt | Trousers | Coat ||

What Nils wears || Jacket | Sweater | Trousers | Coat ||

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