The Tailor Shop

Denim. A garment that overlived a whole century and will continue to succeed not only in the world of fashion but also in every apartment on the western hemisphere due to its puristic still reckless action scenarios. Something  simple yet beautiful. Denim had a cross-generational impact on the way people were living and what experiences they made. This is told especially through the classic pieces from Levi’s. A brand with tradition. Something that less brands have today, a real identity. A leading consistency with a precise actuality but still with its filligrane glance of vintage authenticity.

But in days like these we need even more things to reveal our uniqueness as ever before. A state of mind that is not as simple to conceive as it may sounds. Trends these days take aim at the whole youth. Everybody looks quite the same. Thats where Levi’s got into the game and brought some fresh new wind into that subject. Opening the store in the store and doing a relaunch of the timeless 511 collection. Whats behind that? It is about the Levi’s Tailorshop!

A, as the name already says, small tailorshop inside their stores. Something that makes the adventure of shopping even more unique. You don’t just get a vintage jeans or jacket that you may find on your shopping trip, but you also have the chance to customize it right in store just minutes later. Levi’s offers a big range of patches and buttons which you can get attached by the Levis tailor under your instructions. Furthermore there is also the chance to bring own patches, pins and buttons! Go to a Levi’s store around your area, bring or buy your favorite Levi’s piece and try it out. You are a creator!

In my eyes this is an idea that is as simple as it is amazing. You gonna get a cool piece, regardless of wether from the 511 collection or other that nobody else has in that way and which reflects your personal style and charackter in a 100%. Thumbs up!


In cooperation with Levi’s