What type are you?: Elements of Man

Dieser Beitrag ist Werbung und in Zusammenarbeit mit Zegna entstanden.

With the “Elements of Man“ collection, Ermenegildo Zegna released five luxurious fragrances. Scents that represent the key features of the modern man. He is characterised by different features such as strength, passion,  wisdom, integrity, talent. Characteristics, balanced in different ways, which make the modern young gentlemen special. Zegna presents five different scents for young fragrance connoisseurs with an earnest curiosity. But what are the elements are about? A quote on each bottle states it clearly:

“Embrace a world well-made stand with conviction inhale life’s simple pleasures the elements of man“

A statement calling the puristic and modern gentlemen.The young and talented individual, who values the beauty of goods in a special way. Fine detail as life basis without forcing it.

I have chosen the element of integrity. Not only because the scent really suits what I was looking for in terms of a new exciting scent, based on notes of fine spices, berries and African geranium, but because the element of integrity is the one I feel closely related to. What element of man are you?

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