Grooming Tips: Five Scents You Should Try

Today I would like to introduce you guys to my five favorite scents, which are also the ones that every man should own, due to their variety of characteristics and application possibilities in nearly every situation.

RATING 8.5/10

“Colonia Pura” by Acqua Di Parma is a new designed fragrance that follows the main features of Acqua Di Parmas timeless classic “Colonia”. A Scent that reasons with a fresh organge base and head note. A freshness that brings generations together. This is the perfect scent for light summer days or if you have winter time it, at least, let you feel like your walking through the streets of Parma on a warm summer day.
Price: 109,00€ | 100ml


The fragrance “WISDOM” from the “Elements of Man” Series by Ermenegildo Zegna combines the features of a well bodied yet generous scent. It embodies creamy and lemony notes. A combination that was very new to me but also interesting and fascinating as in a positive way.
Price: 205,00€ / 100ml

diptyque, PHILOSYKOS

I stumbled upon “PHILOSYKOS” when I first went to Alster House Hamburg.
At that time I usually had cheap fragrances that weren’t bad at all but I felt like I needed something completely new. I found this fragrance and in it the perfect new scent for my personality. A smell of a Greek summerday, where you stroll through a yard full of wild fig trees. A fragrance with a soft wooden note, combined with a milky aroma of warm fruits.
Price: 98€ / 100ml

Acqua Di Parma, COLONIA

A timless classic as I mentioned already earlier in this post. This is a scent that knows to convince not just through its style created in 1916 in the heart of Parma, Italy. A scent that was very uncommon and descent at the same time. An ode to the beauty of the Sicillian citrus fruits that really reflect in this scent finished off with lavender, rosemary, vervain, sandalwood and patschuli.
Price: 111€ / 100ml

Paco Rabanne, Invictus
RATING 8,5/10

This is a scent that I feel closely related to, due to the intense time I spent last year with the Paco Rabanne team all over the world. We shared unique experiences and became one team. This fragrance not just reminds me of a very important time in my life but reminds me of a brave charackter through its strong and fresh sportive notes.
Price: 75€ / 100ml

RATING 9,5/10

This fragrance is definitely my favorite of all time. It embodies so many great characteristics. It is manly yet very smooth, wild yet calm. A perfect composition of vanilla and smoky cedar wooden notes. A scent that should not be missing in any mans grooming range. But why did it not got a proper rating of 10? The answer: there should always be some space for improvements. Still: Good job DIOR!
Price: 118€ /100ml