PARISIAN DAYS: Hotel De Nell, Paris

Eight Reasons Why To Stay At Hotel De NELL

Today I talk you through the hotel choice I made for my recent travel to Paris. My good friend Philipp Hehmann (@streetandgentle) and I took a trip to the beautiful capital of France and therefore also had a three day stay at Hotel de Nell. During our weekend we made up our minds about the hotel and we came to the conclusion that there is nearly no better place to stay when you want to visit Paris. To accentuate I want to give you eight reasons on why to stay at the Hotel de NELL.

1. The Location
The hotel is located in the heart of the 9th arrondissement, still in a calm neighbourhood on Rue du Conservatoire. An old church right across the street provides an amazing flair especially when looking out of our room. 
Grande Boulevard is right around the corner (not even a five minute walk) where we nearly started every evening before heading towards one of many bars. A big plus is that multiple Metro Stations like „Grande Boulevard“ or „Bonne Nouvelle“ which are easily reachable.

2. Modern,yet classy interior
The interior of our hotel nearly featured everything you can be excited about. A minimalist, modern yet classy design of the rooms, Parisian balconys plus a japanese bathtub which I’d never tried before. The one man bathtub. A very unique experience which you should definitely try out!

3. A great service
The service was great from start to finish. Just really on point. We always had everything we needed.

4. Super friendly staff
The hotel staff was for sure the most friendly I have ever had in Paris! Not just as a proper staff person should be. More like a guide, who always tried to be there when needed to make your weekend trip the best you will ever have. Whenever there’s a question like : „ How can i get there ?“ or „Oh i forgot this and that …“ – They will answer all of them without hesitation.

5. The little things that matter
Furthermore we got surprised more than one time when there was a bottle of champagne ready to serve on the room plus super nice Jazz music and an awesome light set up when we returned from our day programm. Definitely a good way to end an exhausting day trip. Moreover we enjoyed super nice chocolates and where always well informed about the weather situation the next day by the staff. Things that make your day even more enjoyable.

6. The insane hotel room view
The hotel room view was a thing that made us smile every morning while staying at Hotel de Nell. To open the window, lean out of the French balcony to watch the people walk the small street of Rue du Conservatoire in the sun. The straight view was directly on the veneer of the old church, which was like looking at a nice piece of art!

7. Awesome things nearby
The hotel is located almost next to Grande Boulevard as I already mentioned earlier. So you got a big range of great bars and restaurants around the corner as Cafe Bonne Nouvelle, Galeries Lafayette (10 minutes by feet) or Caffee Indiana.

8. The copious breakfast
We were really amazed by the crazy good location of the hotel own restaurant when we first got down from our 3rd floor apartment to get our breakfast. Moreover the breakfast was more then copious! A buffet with fresh fruits, croissants, bred, jams, a variety of fresh juices. Additionally we ordered ourselves a good french cappuccino and some scrambled eggs which were perfect!

To stay in a super modern yet classy design hotel in the heart of Paris could definitely make you feel like being part of a Woodie Allen movie for a day.

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