Track your Body

Back with another tech tool special. This time it is all about tracking your body composition.

There are some situations where I need more than just a few apps to keep my body in check, especially when it comes to my health/strength due to my absolute passion for travel and sports, especially running! I’m always searching for new gadgets to push myself a little further when it comes to fitness.

Therefore I tried out the new TomTom Touch. The smart and minimal fitness tracker is unlike other ones, those focused on just steps, heart rate and sleep. It tracks and displays your body fat versus muscle mass percentage right from your wrist. You can control everything with the MySports app to clearly see your daily results too.

This way you’re able to see what training method works for your body, and those which don’t. It is not just about weight. It is about body composition, which is a clear game changer! 24/7 heart-rate monitoring plus the ease of use, from relaxed (yoga and walking) to adventurous (surfing, skiing, climbing) makes this device unique and the new companion on my morning runs!


In collaboration with TomTom Sports