|| Sweater: Dead Legacy | Chino: Vanishing Elephant |              Shoes: Dr.Martens ||


I finally managed to post another look after 2 months up in the mountains, here in Switzerland.
My last month starts soon and I’m pretty excited to get back to something like “a normal day life”.

But I’m still blessed to be able to experince so many great things and to explore many places around the world such as the time working in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by almost nothing but the nature.

So this week I took a stroll through the Frontal again and shoot a nice clean look together with DEAD LEGACY.
This English brand shows how to design a T-Shirt or Sweater with a great print, which is in my opinion very hard to do.
I’m not really a fan of shirts with prints, but those ones are different, valuable and with a thought behind every print, which makes it different.

Have a look at their great designs and head over to to form your view on this topic.