Unlearn Whisky: Meet The Mavericks

Dieser Beitrag ist Werbung und in Zusammenarbeit mit Glenfiddich entstanden.

Today I get back to you guys with my view on an event I took part in during my time in Hamburg last week. Together with Glenfiddich  we tried to get a whole new understanding of Whisky. Somehow we tried to shed our knowledge about whisky true to type with the motto „Unlearn Whisky“. To bring the decent scents, tastes and impressions to effect. To see it from an unknown point of view. Glenfiddich creators got rid of there former knowledge and called the whisky making and its rules to question to create a whole new experience. The Experimental Series.

The results (Glenfiddich Project XX and Glenfiddich IPA Experiment) are somehow outstanding. The IPA Experiment whisky was created together with IPA Expert Seb Jones who brew a special innovative craft ale, to give the Glenfiddich Single Malt a unique finish. The Project XX is a result that emerged within the scope of this motto together with 20 brand ambassadors who created a whole new experience by adding there factorised flavour.

The Project XX is made out of several different barrels. From a sherry finish to portpipe- to firstfill bourbon-matured whisky. The Project XX has several different qualities combined in just one whisky while the IPA Experient whisky knows how to convince through his balanced, lenient straight flavour. To push something out of known territories, to break rules and tradition and define new ones.

That’s what we did as well! Together with the three German Glenfiddich Mavericks ,Onur Elci (Kitchen Guerilla), Tim-Ole Pek (Gentlemans Agreement) and Ansgar Oberholz (Sankt Oberholz) we tried to approach their respective division from a different perspective. During my personal unlearn moment I created fashion pieces by incorporating different flavours and structures of whisky ingridients, which was really inspiring to me. The results were unaccustommed yet worthwhile! Something I wouldn’t have created without the inclusion of the flavours and structures as an input for my sketchings.

Later we presented our results to the whole crowd. A successful event with great people, new ways of thinking that we discovered and of course a utterly new whisky experience!