People: Fauzi Putra

Over the past few years I was inspired by a view different Instagramers, whos work I really appreciate and which also shaped ones mind in terms of creativity and sense of aesthetic. Something that kept one going and helped to refine the mindset, the view from a different angle on the subject of art, lifestyle and fashion. This series about the creative heads in the world of Instagram starts off with the master of flatlays, Fauzi Putra from Surabaya, Indonesia.

Fauzi Putra is known as 25 year old lad who had graduated from public health school but trapped in the world of photography later on. Fauzi grew up in Indonesia and started to write on his blog and his Instagram as (@ziiarch) back then when people thought they were something you did alone and uncool. He adores fashion, a cuppa good coffee with a decent latte art, minimalist, still life and all that goes with it.

Over years, whether blog or Instagram, it has grown to become a place for people who seek an inspiration and to get creative. The most importantly, being able to turn his passion for creativity into a career, working with brands from all over the world to create unique content, promoting items, and become a global influencer which combines all his skills in social media. Through his journey he wants to inspire others to do the same by sharing all his creativity and eye for aesthetic with the community. He is currently moving to Germany and splits his time between work, travel and studying.

We love to get social so make sure you check out his work through the blog and of course Instagram channel.

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