Eduard Dressler SS22 Collection

Together with the menswear fashion brand Eduard Dressler and the Frankfurt based photographer Jonas Skorpil Whysheckler created a unique way to stage the Eduard Dressler spring summer collection 2021. Whysheckler took care of the shooting concept creation, execution and post-production, as well as the overall project management for this first project together with this client.

Since 1929 the heritage brand Eduard Dressler defines classic menswear not just through its traditional, high quality fabrics as well as the combination of comfort and fit, but through new refinements and sophisticated details within every piece of the collections.

The goal was, to bring a fresh and new look to the appearance of the brand especially when it comes to the online touchpoints. Therefore we conceptualized, planned and executed the shooting for their spring summer collection 2021 together with the brand.

Our content based aim was to shoot moving image as well as stills which could be used across all platforms that the brand is using. From digital touchpoints such a social media, or website, to contents of classic media channels like print. Throughout this campaign we shot more than 20 looks within three days in three different cities (Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Cologne) to portray the versatility of the collection in every aspect. From dapper, urban looks to clean, casual home wear.

Furthermore a magazine was created to display the addressed versatility of the collection

Exclusive men’s fashion from EDUARD DRESSLER. Superior style and masculine elegance in handcrafted perfection – that is what distinguishes the collections from EDUARD DRESSLER. Classic design elements are blended with the latest styles for business, after-work and weekend wear with virtuosity. This includes suits with finely detailed lapels and inlays, sporty jackets (slim-fit and regular) and casual tinted jackets, as well as fashionable waistcoats, sporty chinos and belts. Whether it be double-face shirt coats, shirt jackets, suit trousers, coats (short and long), shirts, luxury suits or smart trench coats that look great and are extremely practical; whether it be casual wear, official tailoring, tuxedos, evening wear, Made to measure clothing or the finest accessories such as ties, pocket squares and scarves –

 EDUARD DRESSLER produces each item to the very highest standards of craftsmanship. Our additionals also have a special quality. Premium quality shirts and polos made of excellent pima cotton guarantee an unbelievable comfort. And a knit collection made of finest yarns. Pullovers in different styles, waistcoats and cardigans perfectly complete the masculine leisure look. Excellent style and outstanding comfort. 

The secret of lightness? EDUARD DRESSLER uses only the very best and highest quality fabrics and materials. This is the case not only for the fabrics and cloth, but also the buttons. The elements of classic men’s clothing are given a modern interpretation, with new refinements, the latest cuts and sophisticated details – all in keeping with an overriding focus on comfort and a slim silhouette. It’s no wonder that this unique combination of perfect style and comfort inspires true connoisseurs – and has been doing so since 1929.