Scandinavia Part IV

In this chapter we take you through two beautiful Swedish cities. We had the chance to explore Stockholm and Gothenburg for some days while making our way to Norway. Two cities that could not be more different but super awesome in their own way. Stockholm, next to Copenhagen the fashion captial of Scandinavia and Gothenburg , the too often underestimated city.

Additionally I’d liked to share the playlist we created for this part of our roadtrip with you. A mix of all chapters of our alternative indie/rock favorites. Every- thing from The Boxer Rebellion to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Songs that also shaped this roadtrip.




Starting off with our Stockholm stay which was all in all pretty amazing. On our first day we met one of my best Swedish friends at whose place we stayed for the time in the city. A friend from my schooltime in Australia. So we had a nice evening with the whole family enjoying a glass of wine in the warm Swedish midsummer night.

The next day we went to the city centre to explore the different spots like Gamla Stan (old town) which really looks like you are in Italy, the royal palace, the harbor, Stureplan and many more cool spots. It was time for dinner after a day full of touristic activities. A dinner that couldn’t have been better: Chicken with potatoes, other grilled vegtables, salad and bearnaisesås cooked for the whole family and us. Afterwards the time called to explore Stockholms nightlife. At first we went to one of my favorite bars/restaurants called Taverna Brillo where we had some drinks and quite good conversation with other Swedish people.

Time for clubbing: It’s always hard to get to experience the real Stockholm nightlife due to the strickt regulations that you are just allowed to get into the famous clubs by having your name put on the list. Luckily we were on the list and so we enjoyed a crazy night at Sturecompangiet with some friends. The next day we regained power by having one of the best coffees you probably get around Stockholm over at Snickarbacken 7 a central located coffee place with an unique atmosphere. Definitely go and check that out when you’re around town. And don’t forget to also order a choclate cake. The best I ever had!




The next stop was Gothenburg. There was no question that we had to stop by this metropolitan. There were so many comments about this city. Two days of urban exploration to see what Gothenburg has to offer: A lot of Teslas driving through the city and of course kids playing Pokemon Go all day wandering the parks like zombies. But of course there was more. Not just the small, cozy city center that reminded me of Hamburg was special and gave the city a certain atmosphere. Also the shops and unique restaurants had a really own atmosphere.