Ideal Simplicity

The rise of the japanese fashionbrand Uniqlo in Europe has already started. The brand that was barely  known in the European area a few years ago convinces through its minmalist concept. Something that is very simple but seldomly to find in that way. Uniqlo is now about to open their first store in Stuttgart this friday with a lot of actions that day. From traditional japanese Taiko drummers who will attend the opening ceremony to hourly draws where you can win prices like a trip to Tokio for two if you find a golden ticket in your goodie bag. Furthermore there is the chance to win other goodies as well as exklusive discounts from October 28 to November 5. Come around and have a nice day with me and all the other lovely people attending the store opening.

Furthermore you have the chance to win 3×2 Tickets for the exclusive Opening Party this Thursday at Uniqlo Store Stuttgart over on Instagram @marvinsheckler

Basics are timless and always needed. The winter wool sweater in three different colours that everybody has in their wardrobe. The standard tees or oxford shirts that fits perfectly. Uniqlo stands up for the basics with good quality, a good fit and ist affordability instead of having a big selection of clothing, while changing with every trend. Thats exactly was makes them unique and innovative with something that already exists.

A market overfloaded with leading brands which mostly do not satisfy the customers with the garments quality and a timeless design. Something that is cross-generational. Garments that everyone cherishes and love due to the fact that you probably never go wrong with basics when it comes to situations such as a first date, a dinner or a studying session. It is the time where minimalist classic basics celebrate their rebirth. A way to dress that simple which was way to often titeled stuffy and dull but know is trending again an better than ever before.