Minimalist Scandinavian Design: SKAGEN

„In Paid-Partnership with SKAGEN Denmark“

The Danish brand SKAGEN presents a new timeless and minimalist masterpiece when it comes to smartwatches, called “Falster II“. The second version of the Falster sets new standards in the world of smartwatches with its thin design and numerous good working functions, such as the cardiac frequency metering, activity tracking, contactless payment via Google Pay, NFC and many more.

The SKAGEN Falster II has constantly been on my wrist for the last couple of weeks and I tested it in all of its variety. The first thought that came to my mind when I put it on my wrist was „wow, that is a really good looking smartwatch and it is so easy to setup!“. I am very picky when it comes to smartwatches, as may some of you already noticed, but this watch definitely knows on how to stay on my wrist for longer than a day.

The features I used the most in my daily life were actually the music control and notification alert for my messenger and music apps.

Another reason why this watch was so interesting to me is the one, that I am a frequent swimmer and the fact this smartwatch is also suitable for swimming. I tested the Falster II in that way and it really got my attention and is still on my wrist until today. Get yours HERE

Definitely a watch that I would recommend. Thumbs up!