Scandinavia Part V

Like every good thing there is always an end. Same states with this photo spread about the whole Scandinavia trip. A four week long journey with so many impressions. Impressions I can’t really describe in detail. Even if it sounds hilarious but you just can experience those feelings by doing it on your own. An adventurous roadtrip through the breadth of Denmark, Sweden & Norway. Three countries that seem to be quite similar but are as different as you can’t imagine. Of course they’re all nordic and this fact brings some perks and negative points these countries share but the biggest point is their uniqueness.

But lets come to the input for the last part of the photo diary. A spread that is mainly about the trip stage where we drove from Oslo, the well known captial of Norway, up through the mystic landscape of Norway to Bergen to see the Preikestolen, a masterpiece of nature. Well, “see” was maybe the wrong word for us. We got up 5 a.m to hike up Preikestolen before all the tourists go up. We reached the top after two hours of hiking. A mystic flair all around, like you’re in Middle-earth part of “Lord of the Rings” ready to fight some Orks. Very moody but of course we hoped the fog would went away after some time. And it did! But unfortunately the area around the top was still taken by the fog the whole day but we made the best out of it. We’ve seen so many beautiful places, a fjord with the most breathtaking sundown ever and a lot of sheeps walking the streets of Norway. All in all this roadtrip was a huge success with awesome memories we’ll keep for a long long time.

                              Oslo, Norway
Go and see Snøhettas architectural masterpiece


On the way to Bergen