How To Master The Flatlay

Flatlay photography is an incredibly easy way to showcase awesome items you own and tell a good story through it. Flatlays are as simple as arranging your items on your desk, or it even can be shot almost anywhere. If you are hooked on instagram and if you follow my instagram, you will know how I love doing flatly, either mostly food, stuff on my desk, travel thingy or lazy afternoon accompaniments and so much more.

So here are a few tips on how to master the flatlay:

1. Composition is the key

Whether you are an organised neatly person or cluttered desk kinda person, composition is key tp a good flat lay. For me, styling min. 3 objects/element together which has correlation. You wouldn’t put shoes on the table whilst doing food flat lays, would you?

2. Pick a colour scheme

Nothing ruins an image more than colours that don’t work in harmony with each other. This helps provide your image with a consistent theme.

3. Consider your surface and space

Speaking of surface, this is the important thing to keep consistency on your feed. If you prefer clean feed then use white background or even marble or moody theme then choose black surface, rustic wood, and concrete floor surface.

4. Negative Space

Less is more they said. Don’t put too much items on it, think about the empty area so people would notice that you promote something on your picture, as the negative space will help draw attention to your hero items.

5. Narrative/Tell a story

your photo should tell a story, and not only showcase off a collection of items.

Edited & shot by Fauzi Putra