Morning Routine
: Top-Shelf-Products

“In Paid Partnership With Gillette”

News from the world of grooming. Today I’ll take you guys on a little visual tour through my bathroom, more precisely my top shelf. The most important morning routines do happen there. I am very minimalist when it comes to the products I use and the setup of my top shelf in general. Not just because of the design aspect, but the clearness and and tidiness that everyone of us carries out through the day and which starts for me in the bathroom.

                                              “THE BATHROOM TOP SHELF”
This is also the reason why the design of the products I use is very important to me, too. With the flacons it is quite easy. To my mind they look gorgeous if you choose the right one in order of your style. I finally did find the one however, and added this new razor to my top-shelf. It is the new Gillette Design Edition. A razor that looks clean and minimalist and is of high quality. Yet it brings all the features I need for a good shave such as the long-lasting MACH3 Turbo blades. The heavy premium handpiece rounds up a pretty awesome shaver for a nice hold in the hand. A product that really embodies my style and personality. It is really important to me, to have a certain routine when I start the day. This gets me out of bed and into the right mindset to start off.
My routine: I try to get up within five minutes, drink a glass of water, do 25 push-ups and make my way to the bathroom right after that to get ready for the day with my grooming routine. I am not the type of guy that has a fast growth of beard, but I need to shave at least once a week to keep my facial hair sleek. I usually shave wet. Sometimes to shave close and sometimes just to get rid of some unwanted facial hair. Normally I spend like 10 minutes in the bathroom. Due to my tight time schedule, every product I use needs to be in the right spot to be easy to find. I arrange my grooming products in the order I use them, in different stages.

On the left there is my toothbrush and toothpaste, in the middle you’ll find my razor, shaving soap & brush and on the right side my favorite aftershaves and my four favorite perfumes to round it all up. The shaving takes a big part in my routine. I need to feel comfortable and clean when I leave the house. Thats why it is the very important to me. This is pretty much it and my way to start my day.