UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo: The fragrance with a difference

The individual scent is one of the most difficult and sensible issues of beeing a gentleman. It is important to be true to yourself not willing to adapt to another ones lifestyle. Do your own thing, make your own decisions, stay confident and just be a gentleman.

Salvatore Ferragamo releases a new fragrance, UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo, that is dedicated to the stylish and self-assured gentleman. Something for men, who know about their style, that are curious and have a strong will to succeed.

A parfume always speaks out of you. Therefore it always refers to your character. I think everybodys poise stands and falls with the feeling of smelling good. How you smell is how you feel.

The timeless Italian brand states it out clear. “Uomo” which is the Italian word for man gives you an idea of how clear and pure the fragrance is, traversed by fine wooden scents. An elegant and to the point yield interaction of abrasive yet subtle combined ingredients. This fragrance definitely reflects the Italian lifestyle.

Get your hands on the fragrance over at Stadtparfümerie Pieper or check it out at ferragamo.com

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