NYC Diary: Whysheckler goes New York

2017: My Year, My Challenges
Road to New York Marathon 2017

Today I talk you through my trip to New York City with Paco Rabanne. But this was not just a trip. It was a gathering for a big adventure with people from all over the world. 2017 is the year where I will run the New York Marathon with the awesome squad I am part of. I’ll prepare myself together with my team mates Nick Youngquest (Australia), Sergio Carvajal (Spain), Nicholas Simoes (France), Carl Cunard (UK) and Elbio Bonsaglio (Italy) for this years really big challenge. 42,2 km of  happiness, pain and many more things we will get ourselves ready for.

So we all flew to New York last November to get an idea of what it will be like to run one of the most popular yet challenging marathons in the world. We were there a year before our actual run to support our “trainer” and team mate Nick, the face of the Paco Rabanne Invictus campagne. He showed us that it is possible to make it. Sunny hours where we enjoyed the route with Nick and also suffered together with him through some of the hardest parts of his run.

To see thousands of people keep pushing you forward, from block to block, every single mile up to the finish line right in the middle of central park was extremely impressive and thrilling. Even just as a spectator last year.

First I was very sceptical about this challenge. To run it with people who were complete strangers to me in this moment. But short after we all met in Manhattan it was clear that this will be a great adventure. We felt completely comfortable with each other. We knew that we would become a great team. The chemistry was completly right. And within seconds I was excited as a kid, almost a year before the challenge itself will take place. To go on this adventure with these people. To do my favorite sport, in my favorite city with an awesome set of people. What could be better?

Within this year I will keep you guys updated every single month on how I developed my training, my skills and, surpass myself from month to month. My road to the New York Marathon 2017.

Marathon Day

Becoming a perfumer and how to fly.

I set my alarm for 5.00 am to see the sun rise and go for a morning run in Manhattan which was definitely worth it. So on this day there were a view surprises. I never thought that I could become an indoor skydiver in the Bronx and expectant perfumer in Manhattan on the same day, but lucky enough I did. We created scents ourselves under the guidance of the ingenious perfumer Bruno Jovanovic over at IFF school. We pushed each other to the limits while doing an indoor skydive. Everybody of the Paco Rabanne team surpassed themselves. Each in a special way. We succeeded as a team!

More to come…